POEMS ELSEWHERE (a selection) 

  • “Annunciation” Third Coast 20
  • “Blood Orange” Salamander 19.2
  • “Brother André’s Heart: Montreal, 2003” (poem) and “Tenebrae: Living In/Among Shadows” (essay) in Making Poems: 40 Poems with Commentary by the Poets. Eds. Todd Davis and Erin Murphy. Albany: State University of New York Press: 15–19.
  • “Eclipse II” Cream City Review 29.1
  • “El Greco Sky” and “On Edge as if Breaking” Alligator Juniper (Special Issue: Scars)
  • Excerpts from Recovery [“Lately we’ve taken to…”, “The moon, in my dreams, is called…”, “Do you want transformation?…”, “Reading as a form of…”, “This is not metaphor…”, and “Lately I’ve been thinking about…”] – Laurel Review 51.2
  • “House Above the Bottomlands” – Handsome 7.1
  • “Meanwhile” Mid-American Review 29.1
  • “Miracle Town [in which everything is cast aside].” New Poetry from the Midwest. Eds. Rita Mae Reese and Hannah Stephenson. Milwaukee: New American Press: 55.
  • “Miracle Town [in which we count ourselves lucky]” Moon City Review 2022
  • “Miracle Town [in which we embrace the evidence]” and “Miracle Town [in which everything is cast aside]” Salt Hill 37
  • “In the Midst of Reading Ammons”  Beloit Poetry Journal 52.2
  • “Playground” – River Styx 105/106
  • “Poem in Which I Wade Through Coffee” and “Poem in Which Something Changes” – Forklift, Ohio 23
  • “Rabble” and “Poem in Which Everything Again Becomes Possible” – Laurel Review 46.2
  • “Secret Elephant” Pleiades 31.1
  • “The Sheep, in Wool Coats, Did Not Suffer” Columbia 45
  • “Some Brink” – Magma 61
  • “Stories my Grandmother Told” The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor (December 11, 2002)
  • “Surveillance: The River” Southeast Review 24.1–2

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